Before your appointment I will send you a consultation form to complete which will provide a good outline of your current lifestyle and medical history and it will help me determine the approach and focus during your treatment.

You simply need to remove socks and shoes and sink back into the bed or chair where you will be supported with pillows and towels and allow yourself to relax.

I use soothing natural waxes and work with my fingers, thumbs and knuckles to apply firm massage and pressure techniques to your feet and lower legs. If there is congestion and tension, certain areas may feel sharp or tender but this is very short lived and the overall feeling is usually one of deep, blissful relaxation. The treatment is always tailored to your own needs and lasts 50 minutes.

Afterwards most clients feel relaxed or invigorated and experience a sense of calm and well-being. Occasionally some clients can feel tired, tearful, experience a mild headache or feel the need to visit the loo more often. These symptoms usually pass within 24 hours and are a sign of the body eliminating toxins and considered part of the natural healing process.