Reflexology can be of great support to women throughout pregnancy and can help enhance well-being and alleviate many common ailments that can develop during each trimester.

Having a one-off treatment or a series of sessions during your pregnancy will also allow you time away from your probably very busy life and provide you with a calm, supportive space to relax and focus on yourself and your growing baby.

Reflexology is also proving very popular in preparing mind and body for labour and is a wonderful way to get back on your feet in the post natal period.

The amount of anecdotal evidence from women who feel they have benefitted from reflexology throughout their pregnancy is vast and two recent studies have shown that reflexology during pregnancy:

. Significantly reduced pain during labour (1)

. Reduced the length of the first stage of labour (2)

. Improved the quality of sleep in post-natal women (2)

''I have known Sarah professionally for some years.  She is a warm yet incredibly professional practitioner.  Her treatments are holistic and very personalised.  She treats all ages and both sexes but she is particularly experienced with pregnant women.  A series of treatments with Sarah will enhance your sense of well-being, balance your hormones and focus on any particular conditions that you may have.  I can personally recommend her''.

Tina Perridge, Director, Neighbourhood Midwives


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(2) LI C-Y ET AL (2011) Randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of using foot reflexology to improve quality of sleep